Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Watch out for sharks and sea monsters

Sarah Palin says she accepted David Letterman's apology “on behalf of all young women, like my daughters, who hope men who `joke' about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve.” Then she got a call from Alex Rodriguez letting her know that he didn’t go for teenagers but he thought women who fought comedians were really hot.

Twitter delayed a scheduled downtime for maintenance in order for Iranians and others trying to get news out about the post-election protests to keep going. Twitter knew things were serious when not a single one of the millions of tweets coming out of Iran said, “I’m not doing anything. What are you doing?”

Weird Al Yankovic has released a new single called "Craigslist" in which he pays homage to the Doors and does a Jim Morrison impression. Weird Al Yankovic trying to do Jim Morrison makes him look like the Lounge Lizard King.

A pregnant woman graduating from Columbus State University in Ohio was bumped to the front of the line to receive her diploma so she could be rushed to the hospital after having labor pains. Fearing her water might break and remembering the advice from the movie “The Graduate,” she wore a plastic gown.

General Motors announced an agreement to sell the Swedish automaker Saab to Koenigsegg, a small company that makes high-performance sports cars. For the first time in recent months, nobody at Saab was sobbing.

Companies that sell seeds are reporting that business is up sharply this year in the U.S. as consumers try to save money by growing their own vegetables. Except in California, where the most popular seeds are any whose vines grow high enough to hide marijuana plants.

Duke University engineering researchers have created a technology that allows a person to write a note in the air with their cell phone and send the message to an e-mail address. It’s dangerous enough that people are talking and texting while driving. Now they’re be waving their phones in front of their faces trying to erase what they just wrote.

Researchers in the Netherlands have confirmed that a 60,000-year-old skull fragment found in the North Sea is from a young adult male Neanderthal. This proves that Neanderthals could swim but couldn’t read signs saying “Watch out for sharks and sea monsters.”

According to sleep researchers, sleep disturbances are more common in people who are unmarried, unemployed or have lower education or income. So if you can’t sleep, forget the Sominex … rob a bank and use the money to join a dating service.

Bob Bogle, lead guitarist and co-founder of the rock band The Ventures, passed away at the age of 75. His last words were that he was going to walk, not run, toward the bright light.

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