Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bees In Tiny Cement Shoes?

Bad news for John McCain. Half the people who saw “Dark Knight” over the weekend thought they were going to see a documentary on Barack Obama.

Even though the tomato salmonella scare is over, a new poll found that nearly half of consumers have changed their eating and buying habits in the past six months because they're afraid they could get sick by eating contaminated food. The other half is hoping to get just sick enough to file a lawsuit.

In his final sermon at the World Youth Day festival in Australia, Pope Benedict XVI challenged young people to fight against materialism. This came as a big disappointment to the thousands who were there only to buy a limited-edition Pope Benedict bobblehead doll.

Barack Obama met Sunday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, a man Obama has criticized for not doing enough to rebuild his war-torn country. Too bad he can’t have the same kind of meeting with President Bush.

Village leaders in the south Chicago suburb of Lynwood passed an ordinance that will give $25 fines to anyone showing three inches or more of their underwear in public. The law was delayed while the leaders checked the fine print to make sure it didn’t include women.

A man in Arkansas is sending the Smithsonian Institution a set of Siamese twin barn swallows joined at the hip that he found in his yard. He turned down an offer of $100,000 from KFC which wanted to use the birds to develop a chicken with twice as many legs and thighs.

Over the weekend, drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike were attacked by thousands of honeybees that swarmed from a beehive that fell off of a truck. They were brought under control by a New Jersey beekeeper who threatened them with tiny cement shoes.

A dwarf planet orbiting beyond Neptune has been designated the third plutoid in the solar system and given the name Makemake after a Polynesian god of fertility. Since it can never grow up to be a real planet, maybe they should have named it after a god of futility.

According to a study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, loud music in bars makes customers drink more. This is true even if it’s loud opera music, which causes bar patrons to drink faster so they can throw their glasses at the jukebox.

With the new truth-in-menus law in effect, many New Yorkers are shocked to find out a Big Mac, medium fries and a medium soda totals 1,130 calories. The good news is, the smell of the fries wipes out the shock every time.

Maine health officials are advising consumers to avoid eating lobster tomalley - a soft green substance found in the body of the lobster - after tests revealed high levels of toxins in some lobsters. There goes one episode of a half-dozen reality shows.

Actor Verne Troyer, who played the villain Mini Me in the "Austin Powers" movies, has dropped his lawsuit over a sex tape after the suit's defendants agreed not to market the video. The adult film distributor will also have to destroy all posters promoting the film as “Shallow Throat.”

NASA has contracted with an Ohio State University Medical Center project to obtain cadavers to create technology for the Orion shuttle. It’s for an experiment to figure out what to do with guest cosmonauts who have too much freeze-dried vodka.

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