Sunday, July 27, 2008

To Beer Or Not To Beer

Cleveland native Drew Carey narrated Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night's Dream” in a concert by the Cleveland Orchestra. He was supposed to do Hamlet, but couldn’t stop saying, “To beer or not to beer, that is the question.”

California is the first state to ban restaurants from using oil, margarine and shortening containing trans fats. If they were filming it today, one of my favorite movies would have to be called “My Thin Vegetarian Greek Wedding.”

Heather Mills celebrated her divorce from former Beatle Paul McCartney by spending almost $500,000 to take 20 friends on an outing to Richard Branson's private island in the Caribbean. That’s unbelievable. Who knew she still had 20 friends left?

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones celebrated his 65th birthday over the weekend. He spent the day trying to figure out what to do with the gift he got from Keith Richards … smoke it, snort it or put it in a vase with water.

Maria von Trapp, a member of the family that inspired “The Sound of Music,” visited her family home in Austria for the first time in more than 50 years. You could tell it brought back memories because she went nuts in the kitchen stomping on a bottle of Adolf’s Meat Tenderizer.

A Rice University physics professor says gamma radiation and radon gas produced by uranium-rich stones used to make some granite counter tops could cause cancer in humans. When they heard the news, hundreds of nuclear engineers in Iran headed for the nearest Home Depot.

Former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon in the Apollo 14 mission, says he is still "totally sure" life exists elsewhere in the universe and Earth governments have tried to hide the existence of aliens and UFOs. Sounds like he’s still frustrated about being on an Apollo mission that didn’t get a movie made about it.

A French publisher fined for calling a police officer a "connard" has founded a group aimed at repealing the French law against insulting public employees. Sure it sounds unfair, but those fines are why France has universal health care and no national dept.

A traveler stopped for trying to check in a dwarf in a suitcase at the airport in Stockholm, Sweden, was actually part of a prank television show. After seeing Mini-Me’s home video on the internet, security officials weren’t sure if it was a dwarf or a sex toy.

A new study of SAT scores found that, contrary to popular belief, girls are just as good at math as boys. What’s the big surprise here? Have you ever met a man who could figure out the math of women’s clothing sizes?

A clip from the upcoming Terminator sequel - “Terminator Salvation” - was unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego and the director hinted that Arnold Schwarzenegger could be back. Ironically, this time he’ll travel back to 1776 to terminate whoever came up with the idea that foreign-born citizens couldn’t become President.

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