Thursday, April 23, 2009

A house made out of Kevlar

A new study found that chewing gum can have a positive effect on teenagers' academic performance. Especially when used to stick a crib sheet underneath the desk.

In Minnesota, an appendicitis patient was called back to the hospital after a surgeon removed a "piece of fat" instead of the appendix. Not only was the doctor relieved of his duties, his family refuses to let him carve the Thanksgiving turkey anymore.

The owners of Pet Airways, a pets-only airline that is expected to begin operations July 14, say flights are already filling up with reservations. Flights are $149, but kangaroos pay extra because they can’t stow their pouches in the overhead compartment.

A couple in England spent three hours in makeup before their wedding so they could walk down the aisle as characters from “Shrek.” Like any other married couple, after the wedding they immediately turned into Homer and Marge Simpson.

An informant who helped Canadian police arrest 156 Hells Angels motorcycle gang members on homicide and drug charges will be paid $2.9 million. He plans to spend the money on a house made out of Kevlar.

Apple has removed the controversial “Baby Shaker” iPhone app from the market because of complaints. It will be slightly modified and return to the market under its new name, “Pirate Shaker.”

Miss California Carrie Prejean, who some say lost the Miss USA pageant because of her views on same-sex marriage, has agreed to appear at the 40th Dove Awards in Nashville. She’ll appear in her bathing suit, the number one cause of women divorcing their husbands while watching the Miss USA pageant.

The Italian town of Pollica is installing web cams in its cemetery so people can check on the graves of their loved ones. The cold, dark and gloomy pictures will be captioned so Internet surfers don’t get it confused with the web cams in Hugh Hefner’s bedroom.

The Japan Sumo Association has conducted its first random drug tests on Japanese sumo wrestlers. Not surprisingly, the three most common chemicals found in sumo wrestler urine were human growth hormone, cocaine and MSG.

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